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澳门巴黎人娱乐场网址:Xingquan Fund Zhu Xingliang: The pension fund will help the long-term stable development of A shares

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内容摘要: With the supervision of the Securities and Futures Commission at the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Finance and other regulatory a...

With the supervision of the Securities and Futures Commission at the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Finance and other regulatory authorities have continuously issued relevant guidelines, as an important tool for the third pillar of the old-age security system, the pension fund will also be ready. Zhu Xingliang, deputy director of the FOF Investment and Financial Engineering Department of Xingquan Fund, said that the launch of the pension fund can not only improve China's old-age security system, but also inject long-term funds into the A-share market, help stabilize market expectations and avoid short-term market sentiment. There was a large fluctuation in the impact.

According to the relevant guidelines of the regulatory authorities, China's pension fund products will operate in the form of FOF. Zhu Xingliang said that from a practical point of view, the short-term yield of FOF products is often tepid, but has better management ability. The products of the FOF fund manager will receive a short-term stable relative return and a long-term high absolute return. Therefore, the pension fund operates in the form of FOF, which is based on the long-term characteristics of the pension fund itself and the risk-return characteristics of the FOF product.

At the same time, because FOF rates are lower than other products, it can also reduce the cost of investors. In Zhu Xingliang's view, with the establishment of the future pension fund in batches, more and more pension funds entering the secondary market will also help to increase the proportion of institutions in the market. In particular, the long-term assets of pensions will not lead to short-term funds. Fast forward and fast. Therefore, it can be expected that with the increase in the scale of pensions, the volatility of the secondary market will decline with the increase of the proportion of institutions, so that the entire market will avoid the sharp rise and fall, which may truly realize the slow market of the A-share market.

In addition, Zhu Xingliang also said that with the advancement of technology, smart investment, or customized fund fixed investment strategy is also expected to serve the personal pension investment market. Deferred investment The strategy itself is in line with the goal of pension investment. If you can customize the fixed investment amount and frequency according to different pension goals and risk preferences, you can actually achieve the investment target of the target date strategy. .





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